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Titel: Developing Web Components with TypeScript: Native Web Development Using Thin Libraries
Zielgruppe: Webentwickler
Umfang: 43 Seiten
Preis: 0,00 €
Verlag: Apress, New York 2021
ISBN: 1484268393
Erscheinungstermin: 13.03.2021
Autor(en): Jörg Krause

Beschreibung zu diesem Fachbuch

Create professional and progressive web apps with the native HTML API on the latest technology stack. This book describes the basics of web components and how to create them using plain JavaScript as well as how to make professional applications based on web components using TypeScript.

Developing Web Components with TypeScript looks at APIs using examples, techniques, and tricks. You will start with a brief introduction to web components, including slots and templates, handling custom events, and styling components with or without shadow DOM. Then, it introduces TypeScript as part of the tool set. It shows the internal construction of a professional thin library. It also helps you learn how to deal with web components in real-life projects; this includes techniques such as creating a single-page app without framework code. All code samples used here are supported by all modern browsers for you to follow along. Library code and examples are available on GitHub.

What You Will Learn

Create isolated web components using shadow DOM, slots, and templates
Understand the advantage of an enhanced toolset, especially TypeScript
Pick up styles and customizations
Master professional web apps using native APIs
Understand the life cycle of a component
Who This Book Is For

Professional developers who want to move from desktop to web and away from fat frameworks to achieve their goal.


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